Japan Trip – Day 1

I’ll document my trip last year to Tokyo, one day at a time.

Our flight to Tokyo was at 8:30 in the morning. We bid farewell to Singapore (on Independence day, no less!) and got on our flight.

You know those flight safety videos that play on board the plane right before it takes off? They tend to be boring don’t they? Well, not if you’re flying on a Japanese airline! The Japanese are so good at coming up with cute videos!

The last time I flew on JAL, the cute flight safety videos that played on the monitors impressed me so much. This time around ANA didn’t disappoint either! The animations looked so cute and lively; passengers couldn’t help but watch the whole thing!

We saw beautiful Cirrus clouds from the plane, and sparkling wine was served in an interesting black bottle. I thought it would put me to sleep. Instead, I spent the majority of the trip enjoying Shrek 3 and Pingu! Pingu is a penguin cartoon often played on the airplane entertainment channels.

I couldn’t understand one bit but watched it anyhow. I love penguins! They are so cute.

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